Tenth Sunday After Pentecost… 7/24/2016


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O God, your ears are open always to the prayers of your servants.  Open our hearts and minds to you, that we may live in harmony with your will and receive the gifts of your spirit; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


I must admit, in the presence of my friends in Christ Jesus, that I do not know everything… I think, I know enough to get by in life circumstances; however, there is so much I don’t know.  I do have a Bachelor in Science in Marketing from Penn State, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Penn State, and a Post-Graduate Certificate (6 courses) in Digital Marketing from the University of Illinios… However, you know what???

No accomplishment of mine will ever compare to the beautiful creation of this planet.  THANK YOU GOD!!!

This brings to mind a documentary I was watching on the History channel.  It was on the creation of the universe.  Stephen Hawking, who is to considered to be the most intelligent man, argued that God does not exist and the Big Bang Theory occurred from expansion of anti-matter and matter.  He is an atheist… I am praying for Jesus Christ to reveal Himself to Mr. Hawking.

The documentary went on by informing me that Mr. Hawking’s “conclusion” was based on the work and theories of a Zionist, Albert Einstein… YES… based on theories of a believer… I included one of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein below…


My point is… man will always try to prove or disprove a theory; however, no man will truly have all the knowledge that God does…

In our Old Testament in the Holy Bible, King Solomon was conscience of the fact that he did not know it all… BUT… He did pray to the One who did.

1 Kings 3:5-12

Before Israel united as one nation under David, the countryside was inhabited by people who worship other gods. As Solomon prepares to build the temple and centralize worship of the one God—the Lord—in one place—Jerusalem—he finds it necessary to visit the former shrines of local gods and convert them to shrines to God. While this may have worked in the short term by introducing the people outside of Jerusalem to the worship practices of the Eternal, those shrines, called “high places,” will be the undoing of the entire country. By allowing people to worship at local shrines instead of only in Jerusalem, where the priests meticulously follow God’s laws, Solomon and future kings are opening the door to the blending of God worship and pagan worship.

The Eternal revealed Himself to Solomon in a dream while he was still in Gibeon.

Eternal One: Tell me, what is your request of Me?

Solomon: You have already revealed Your loyal love to my father, David, for he lived by Your truth and righteousness and honor during the days of his life. You have continued to show this loyal love to him by giving him a son who now reigns upon his throne. Eternal One, my God, You have allowed me to serve as my father David served, but I am still young and inexperienced. I don’t know much about anything,yet I am supposed to lead Your chosen people who are innumerable and even uncountable. Please give Your servant a listening heart for judging Your people and for knowing the difference between what is good and what is evil. Who is capable of judging Your chosen ones, a great people?

10 The Lord was delighted by Solomon’s request.

Eternal One: 11 Since you have asked for wisdom and not for an extended lifetime or for personal wealth or for the annihilation of your enemies, since you have instead asked for the ability to understand justice, 12 I will honor your request. I have planted the deepest human wisdom into your heart. There has never been nor will there ever be a man like you.

King Solomon was AWESOME!  I pray that each and every one of you is just as AWESOME!  SET AN EXAMPLE TO FUTURE GENERATIONS AND PRAY TO GOD FOR WISDOM.  Thank you +


(Romans 8:28-30)

Author: Humility is Beautiful... (Kevin Schafer)

In a World of UNCERTAINTY... KNOW YOURSELF... I will be a valued employee. I am a graduate of Penn State with a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a BS in Marketing. My love for learning transformed into jobs working for our US Navy, an Insurance Agency, and Toastmasters International. I want to share my grit, management experience, and organizational success proprietorship with your organization in a Leadership position.

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